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We're proud to be a trusted choice for chiropractic care in Phoenix
What recent patients say about their experience with Atlas Chiropractic

Atlas Chiropractic is known for providing safe and effective chiropractic care that allows patients to find lasting pain relief. Hear from some of our happy patients:

“Dr. Fred came to see my son Jackson at the hospital the day that he was born.He has been treating him ever since and has helped significantly with problems we were having with colic.Dr. Fred is wonderful with Jackson! He also treated me during my pregnancy and it was great! He helped keep my hips in place, which helped during labor. We are so glad we found Atlas Chiropractic!” -Stephani Robinson

Stephani Robinson
Stephani Robinson

“We are on our 3rd generation with Dr. Fred he has kept our family healthy and sound for 25 years. The thought of doing our healthy (mentally and physically) any other way is absolutely beyond any concept.Thanks Dr. Fred!” – Terri Panzer, Jackie McClanahan and Families

Terri Panzer, Jackie McClanahan and Families
Terri Panzer, Jackie McClanahan and Families

“I have always believed in the more natural way of living your life. Dr. Fred is very honest with whatever you may be talking about, or that he may be educating you on. I truly believe that having Dr. Fred in our life has changed us for the better. I have witnessed my children’s bodies and health change for the better. We try to choose the natural way first, always.Our youngest is 3 and has been seeing Dr. Fred since she was 2 months. She has n signs of ear infections, both times I brought her to Dr. Fred to get adjusted and never had her on antibiotics. Our son used to have horrible allergies and was on a breathing machine. We don’t own it anymore! It’s amazing to see the difference in just being adjusted a few times a week. Dr. Fred is taking care of our family and I truly feel blessed to have him in our lives. Thank you for changing our family for the better, always.” – The Dooley Family

The Dooley Family
The Dooley Family

Fred keeps me going! Absolutely!! He helped me walk when all I could do was lay. By coming weekly, I am still going! I am 87 years old dancing 4 times a week thanks to Fred Schofield. I am dancing because of Fred!

Betty G. Morrison
Dr. Fred Schofield’s patient of 28 years

We started coming to see Dr. Fred, a year ago because my daughter had torticollis. After the first session, she already had a greater range of mobility. 3 weeks later she had full range of motion. Today you would never guess Maddie had any problems at all. Soon after Maddie started here, I decided to have my whole family see Dr. Fred. My oldest son was on 2 different asthma meds and still could not breathe. My middle son was also on medication. Now not only are they drug free, they are asthma free as well!

kerry-flynn (1).jpg
Kerry Flynn

We are on our third generation with Dr. Fred. He has kept our family healthy and sound for 25 years. The thought of doing our health(mentally and physically) any other way is absolutely beyond any concept. Thanks Dr. Fred

melissa-panzer (1).jpg
Melissa Panzer

17 years ago after a severe car accident, we met Dr Fred and he changed the lives of everyone in my family. Not only did chiropractic become a huge part of our lives, but we changed the way we approach health care. We learned that we as individuals are first and foremost responsible for our own health. Today my children are the greatest advocates of chiropractic. They eat right, exercise right, get adjusted regularly and are excited about life. Dr. Fred, you are amazing. Thank you from all of us Schoustras.

Celie Schoustra

I started Atlas 3 or 4 years ago due to spasms from my neck. I have not had any since I started with Dr. Fred. My Husband and daughter also see Dr. Fred and are much better because of it.

The Truitts

In Mid-2011, at 74 years old, I was struck with arthritis and inflammation in my low back and hip joints and unable to walk. My two choices for treatment were physical therapy or chiropractic treatments. I chose chiropractic because of recommendations from friends and my general practitioner. I am very pleased to have found Dr. Fred and his staff at Atlas Chiropractic. They treat me like I am part of the family. Always very friendly and willing to help. After six months of treatment, I am now able to walk with a cane in place of a walker and slowly taking steps without the cane. I am continuing treatment and enjoy my visits with Dr. Fred and Staff. I feel they have helped me to regain most of my mobility and to be able to walk without a cane in the future.

Wilma Clifford

Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously! I was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and I never thought I’d be able to smile or move my face again. It was one of the scariest days of my life. Then I came to Atlas Chiropractic and was warmly greeted by the wonderful staff and greatly by Dr. Fred that everything was going to be okay. They told me that chiropractic care had helped many people in my same situation; although at the time I must admit it was hard to believe anything was going to help me. Then after two short weeks my face was almost completely back to normal again through Dr. Fred’s compassion and dedication to making me feel well again. You guys are the best and I will always be grateful. Thank you!

Heather Groff

I’ve been under chiropractic care for 24 years-Dr. Fred is definitely qualified to do the job for you. My wife Renee had a problem recently and after seeing Dr. Fred she has more mobility in her neck that she hasn’t had for years. Atlas Chiropractic is definitely an upbeat staff that will help in any way they can.

Dennis Tranel
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